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Emergency Backup

Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .

Peak Shaving

Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .


Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .

Demand Response

Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .

Commercial Equipment

Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .

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Solar panels can affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar .


About Us

Royal Solar Energy Pvt Ltd was founded in 2010 by Mr. Khalil ur Rehman after witnessing a void in the solar market. Installers were searching for a distributor that was backed with extensive industry knowledge, was flexible to deal with and didn't compete with them. We have since filled that void and have provided great service nationwide ever since 2010.

The company is a KEY COMPONENT SUPPLIER and PROJECT DEVELOPER. We carry residential and commercial grid-tie products, as well as products for industrial and small off-grid applications Royal Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is a full-service energy firm that takes care of everything that needs to be done in a project. We handle every stage of assessment, design, development, and installation of your energy systems.
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Why we are Number one Trading company?

Royal solar Energy is a Best solar company have been authorized and licensed for a long time. Our company has turned out to be one of Pakistan’s best and popular solar trading company. Last Year we have imported more than 100MW. We are Giving Solar Panel’s Containers to Many Big Companies In very cheap price all over Pakistan. Royal Solar Energy has completed many industrial projects of more than 10MW and countless domestic projects of various capacities. Last but not the least.

Recently we have introducing most high wattage solar module first ever in Pakistan. Now, High Efficiency modules are available first time in Pakistan!
JINKO 535W & 525W Half cut Mono Perc facial
LONGI 535W Half cut Mono perc Bifacial

Advantages of bigger Wattage Solar Module.

You get a slightly better Watts per m ² because you have more solar cells and less aluminum framing. So, you should be able to fit a slightly bigger system on your roof.

Fewer panels are used for the same sized system, so there are fewer electrical connections, which in theory means a more reliable system.

Fewer panels means a slightly quicker install.

Fewer panels means less racking, framing and fasteners, so less embodied energy in your solar system.

Larger panels tend to be newer stock than the older panels, from more modern production lines

Customer Support and Maintenance

To provide our customers with the best possible energy solutions we continuously research the latest products and development in the energy sector Royal Solar Energy Is Providing quick and very helpful customer service. The diligent staff is always available to assist regular and potential customers. The company offers a free quote facility for any kind of customer
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cost effective renewable energy power products and services to customers that are interested in reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. Our values include: Ethics and Integrity for accountability, honesty and openness in every aspect of our business.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Royal Solar Energy Pvt Ltd vision is to spread the usage of the technologies for optimizing energy usage, harnessing renewable energy for reasonable cost and to effectively provide electricity to the global communities through the application of renewable energy technologies.


CEO Message

As a CEO my main focus is to establish solar energy as a key source of energy in this c country. Royal solar gives you solutions for reliable power, Year after year. One of the greatest challenges humanity must face in the upcoming years is to produce sufficient sustainable energy to support the economic growth and to help lifting millions of people out of poverty.

Operating excellence and technology innovation are the key factors for winning this challenge.
As a leading global player, with a unique market positioning, I truly believe the best for RSE has yet to come!
I take this opportunity to appreciate my partners and supporters from China and Pakistan as well as all our valued clients for sharing the vision and for joining hands to make the planet greener and better.

A message from the CEO…

What I find most fundamentally inspiring about this business is that we put power back in the hands of the people….  –Aaron Eriksson